Todd Miletti

Vice president and proud father of 2 in-Troy students.

Rich Maziasz

Treasurer and member of TFEE for 8 years.

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TFEE accepts any and all citizens of the Troy community. Join today and be a part of the rapidly growing team of devoted citizens. Learn more about business, finance, and the incredible projects completed with a little bit of help from our foundation.

Troy Foundation For Educational Excellence advocates for the enhancement of education in the Troy School District. Thousands of dollars go to projects and activities designed by teachers in order to help students learn passionately.

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Funding, Supporting, and Enhancing Educational Excellence

For more than 20 years, Troy Foundation For Educational Excellence has devoted its energy and funds to support the Troy School District. Funds raised through donations and fundraisers are used to enhance learning experiences through the use of innovative projects and activities that teachers host themselves. 

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Heather Kelly, a teacher at Troy High School, created an idea which sparked into an incredible opportunity for students of Troy High School to give back to the community while learning about modernistic 3D designing. TFEE helped Heather bring her innovative idea to life by providing the funds necessary to buy a 3D printer. Find out the impact that this project had on the students!

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Al Robinson

President, proud citizen of Troy, and the father of 2 in-Troy students.

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Check out the results from the Tony Spagnola Memorial Golf Classic XIII that passed on June 19th, 2015!